The thermal baths of Methana Spa

  • Methana Volcanic Spa
    Methana Volcanic Spa - thermal springs of Methana

    The thermal baths of Methana use the volcanic power that is originated in a deep of 6 km at the active magma chamber of the Methana volcanoes...

Famous since ancient times, today forgotten...

The classical style thermal bath of Methana
The classical style thermal bath of Methana
The classical style thermal bath of Methana
The classical style thermal bath of Methana

The healing power of the Methana Volcanic Spa is famous since ancient times, when the Roman writer Pausanias visited the area. Some ancient baths can still be visited in the bay of Thiafi. The Baths of Methana have been a top target for tourism until the 50ies and 60ies. Since that time there was a decrease in visitors and in the last 30 years the crisis of Methana baths started. There is competition between the modern baths of Loutraki and Aedipsos and the Methana baths need modernization and a new concept of promotion and service.
Still the healing waters did not loose their healing power and so it is not important if a bath has got 5 stars or is "famous", the healing power of sulfuric thermal springs is still not beatable.

And Methana is not only the baths, it has to offer much more!

The thermal baths and its sources were rented to a private company for 90 (?) years. They had lots of office problems, not enough economic power and experience in the wellness and healing industry and so the thermal baths are closed since 19 June 2017. The only private bath that is still operating is the hotel and Spa Ai Pigae and it is for sale!

It is surely the worst time of Methana´s history, that the baths are officially closed by lawyers.

Methana needs an active investor with knowledge, economic power and experience in the curative sector of Wellness. A city of 5 Million inhabitants, the modern airport of Athens and lots of highlights make Methana an interesting region for touristic investment!

It is told, that there are Czech investors being interested, but even they will do something, it will take years until the Spa is again "up to date". And on the way to success, there is still Greek buerocrazy and the mentality of local politicians, that can destroy everything, before it comes to success...