Methana 2020

Methana - Corona virus

Methana in March 2020 (c) Tobias Schorr
Methana in March 2020 (c) Tobias Schorr

Dear visitors!

Due to the corona virus the life has nearly stopped also in Methana.

The economic impact for Methana, Greece, Europe and of course for me and my partners is huge. I do not know, what will happen after this crisis. I hope that we all will recover and can still offer tours to Methana.

It is also a test of solidarity. There is NO space for any nationalism anymore. We all are one family. Only if we all help each other, we can have future again.

I will still try to keep this website, which exists already 20 years, and I hope that now everybody will wake up on Methana to create NEW targets for the time after the crisis.

We all have to create new ways to promote Methana, which is still one of the most beautiful and exciting destinations for sustainable ways of tourism.

I hope that you and all my friends on Methana will stay healthy!

Best regards
Tobias Schorr

Download the Methana hiking map for free!

The Methana hiking map
The Methana hiking map

If you visit Methana for your first time, the little town may be not so attractive to you. But it is worth to invest a bit more time and activity to discover the entire peninsula.
Of course you can drive around with your hired car, but hiking on the beautiful paths is offering more experience. You will visit to most beautiful landscapes of the area, see beautiful flowers or discover ancient parts of farms and sanctuaries. Methana is still a secret and mysterious area...

At this link you may download the Methana-Hiking-Map for free and print it for your personal use!

Here is the link

Have a nice time on Methana!

If you are back from your journey to Methana, I would be happy about your feedback!

Best regards,
Tobias Schorr