Methana peninsula

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  • Information about Methana


    The Methana peninsula is situated at the eastern part of Peloponese and at the western part of the Saronic gulf. Its volcanic origin has formed a rich landscape of lavadomes, valleys, flat coastal areas, little natural ports and a partly rough and rocky coast.  The 55 square kilometres peninsula is an ideal destination for hiking and for nature lovers.

  • Methana - an active volcano?

    Active volcanoes in the Saronic gulf?

    Methana, together with Milos, Santorini and Nisyros belongs to the Agean arch volcanism. In this zone the African continent is subducted below Crete island and the molten rocks rise up in a zone of 70 km north of Crete as magma bubbles. All these volcanic islands had eruptions in the last 50-25.0000 years. Even Methana is a relativly young volcano and its last eruption took place around 230 B.C. There are still signs of active volcanism like thermal springs and mofetta.